Concrete Scans

Here you will find links to scans of the University of East Anglia student newspaper Concrete. For three years I wrote for the newspaper, and in my final year I edited the games and technology section named Wired. The newspapers are from newest to oldest, and in some of the issues I edited there are no articles written by me; I left them in so you could see the consistency of my editing skills, and the level of content I commissioned from the staff writers each week. All the sections that do not have a name tied to them are also written by me (I didn’t want to have my name plastered on the regulars if I was the one writing them).

The Issues As Wired Editor

10/05/2011: I wrote a piece about the PSN hacking and outage problems.



01/03/2011: I wrote a review of Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs album for the Music section.

15/02/2011: I wrote a feature piece on my trip to the BAFTA GAME Award Nominations.

07/12/2010: I wrote a piece on Digital Rights Management and if it’s acceptable.

23/11/2010: I wrote a pice on the Kno Tablet aimed at students.

09/11/2010: I wrote a piece on who to follow on Twitter and Mac gaming app Boxer.


12/10/2010: I wrote  short piece on free software, Spybot S&D and iAntivirus.

28/09/2010: I wrote a review of Halo: Reach.


The Issues As A Writer

04/05/2010: Heavy Rain Review

20/04/2010: Final Fantasy XIII Review

09/03/2010: Alien Versus Predator Review

09/02/2010: Mass Effect 2 Review

12/01/2010: Games to Look Out For 2010 (Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect 2, M.A.G.)

01/12/2009: An article about violence in video games, “A History of Violence”.

17/11/2009: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review.

3/11/2009: An article on how virtual worlds can impact upon real life.

05/05/2009: A short ‘boredom buster’ article on Final Fantasy VIII.

10/03/2009: Two short articles – A Street Fighter IV review and a Jet Set Radio Future ‘Gaming Great’.


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