Pizza Ninja Review

People love to copy, or ’emulate’, other games for their own products. It’s shameful practice, even if you provide a nod to the source idea in your ‘new’ game’s name.

It’s made worse by the fact that many players also find this an immensely dull procedure – after all, who want’s to play a game that’s essentially a carbon copy of something else? Especially when the original does it so much better.

Still, in the world of Java development for mobiles it’s something that’s going to happen – especially when many of the delights of Android and iOS-fuelled gaming can’t make their way over to the platform.

So, Inlogic has taken it upon itself to release Pizza Ninja, a keypad-controlled, Italian compromise of an immensely popular food-slashing title.

You can find out what it’s got right, and what it’s got oh so wrong, by reading my review over on Pocket Gamer.


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