NintendoLand Review

With the release of the Wii U Nintendo needed a game that could fill the void left by Wii Sports. It couldn’t be Wii Sports though, nor another sporting title – that’d just draw crowds of complaints preaching that Nintendo never does anything different.

No, they had to provide something new, something unique, something quintessentially Wii U.

And so they did: NintendoLand.

Named after a theme park housed within your Wii U that’s connected to Nintendo’s social network MiiVerse, NintendoLand offers a glimpse at the potential of the Wii U and provides a strong introduction into how you can use the unique GamePad controller alone or with friends.

Featuring a strange mix of solo games and multiplayer forays – all tied together with a Party Train (which isn’t as cool as it sounds) NintendoLand is one fun collection to pick up with the Wii U.

To read what I had to say about the intricacies of NintendoLand head on over to to read my review.


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