Blast from the Past: Grandia

Posted on 3rd October 2011 for

This is the second part in the newly developed series of Blast from the Past. BFTP looks back on games from previous generations that were largely overlooke by the mass gaming public, it strives to introduce players to top notch titles they may have missed, and most importantly of all, can still get their hands on in todays market. We aren’t looking at those incredibly rare yet fantastic games, we aren’t also looking to promote only games with artistic credibility. BFTP looks to inform the reader about what made the game great, how it was conceived by the developer, and why they must play the game still today.

This is the second BFTP, the first being G-Police, and it is all about the Ubi-Soft published Game Arts game Grandia. Grandia is an RPG for Sega Saturn and Playstation and went on to form a series of PS2 games and a Dreamcast sequel.

You can read the full retrospective piece HERE


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