The power of Advertising

So it seems, to me at least, that the popular baby-faced boy-band famed for failing at X-factor (a show designed to rocket ‘real talent’ into the spotlight for those who just cant wait, nor work for, the right to be dripping in fame), JLS just cant stop whoring themselves out for cash. Durex plastered their face all over JLS branded condoms, not only to show the fans that safe sex is good, but most likely to just turn so many men off the idea of sex altogether. Unless your that way inclined.

Now JLS have moved on, and this time they have hit the home market hard, driving crazed 6 – 10 year old fans wild for what I can only describe as the stupidest waste of money in the gaming releases of 2010; yes even worse than the abysmal Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

I am of course talking about Wii Party! And what a party it is. With over 80 minigames split across 13 different game modes and 4 player multiplayer play its a genuine Wiifest of minigame fun. It is however not worth anybodys pennies. Its games are re-hashes of some of the lower elements of Mario Party, although I am being bias as I also dislike Mario Party, and then smooshes the said elements into a slog of a party game that repeats itself over and over again. Also showing its failings its the first in the ‘Wii’ series of games (i.e. wii play, music, sports) that hasnt been developed with Shigeru Miyamoto and therefore is completely lacking any sort of charm.

Alongside developing my clearly amazing writing skills, and of course studying for uni, I work in retail for a major entertainment store. In this job you tend to notice buying trends and whats selling when etc. Wii Party was released back in October of 2010. Nobody touched it. The store I worked in held an event where we demoed new releases, nobody touched it, but everybody loved Just Dance 2 and the playstation Move titles we had on offer, yet Wii Play just grew dusty and neglected. Fast forward to the first week of December and blam were out of stock completely. Nobody had even touched it until then. Customers continually asking the same questions and continually being disappointed, even a surprising amount seem to be angry with me personally for the store selling out… Finally on the wednesday before Christmas we get a shipment in, and again it goes in the same day. What has driven the people to buy buy buy? JLS. Thats all it takes.

JLS may have lost out on X-factor for being worse than someone who has already dropped into obscurity as the new X-factor winner has taken the center stage, but they can safely say that they have the intense power of advertising in their bright ‘musical’ futures. If anybody can shovel shit and turn it into marketing gold it must be them…

Here is just one of many adverts that seemed to win the public over, check out the related posts to find even more tripe.


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