I wish I could Kinect Kinect with my FIST!

Ok so Microsofts motion controller, Kinect, has been out for nearly a month now and in this timeframe it has sold over 2.5 million units. This is clearly all well and good in the eyes of Microsoft, and it clearly should be, their motion controller has been met with success. After having had a go with it on multiple occasions and having played almost all of the original launch titles its safe to say that the device works nearly as well as Microsoft had originally pitched (although Voice Recognition control has not been fully integrated yet for me to say how well that worked).

However, other than the lack of hardcore games on launch, the thing I hate the most about Kinect (so much I wish to physically punch each and every single one of the Xbox marketing department) are the horrific adverts that feature in cinemas, on TV, in magazines and plastered all over webpages. Never has a gaming device advert featured so little gameplay. Every gameplay scene isnt even solely gameplay either its just superimposed onto a tv whilst someone flails around in front of the screen, pretending to play a game that they have probably never even seen. See for yourself!


I mean you see literally a total of 5 seconds, 6 at most, of gameplay footage and even then its so small nobody who is casually watching the advert can tell what game is being played or what the hell you do on it. Its just crazy to think that this shit sells, clearly the masses lap it up when they see  people flailing around in HUGE open spaced rooms that very few people even own. It comes as no surprise that Kinect isn’t doing to well in Japan where home size is much smaller than your average American or British home, even though Brits have the smallest living spaced on average in Europe. 4metres by 4metres my ass.

Also, what is up with that BS bullettime that Microsoft are pulling. Did they believe that this would add something to the advert? If it flowed and looked nice it would make the 360º shots quite nice to see but instead it looks clunky and ugly, not something the ‘device of the future’ wants to portray.

Maybe I’m just being overly cynical, or maybe I’m just being critical because its not for me nor aimed at me and now its Microsofts new direction… Personally I think that Kinect is the motion gameplay revolution that will move gaming forward, however the way that Microsoft have gone about it, aimed it, and even bloody advertised it messed up every chance it has of being taken seriously by the hardcore gaming market.

All I shall say is don’t get me started on Call of Duty: Black Ops and its bloody advertising campaign…

Maybe I just have a thing against adverts…


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